Poetic Offerings

…True Confessions of a Sound Junkie

I am…….
I am a bonafide sound junkie
Call me a child of music
I was created/born
To the tune that called…
Two very beautiful, but incompatible Dancers together
To make love ….. to make me
To the rhythmic humming of rusty bed springs
And on that night
The slippery moans & warm sweat sounds of their love dance
Became the song that is me … The sensuous sounds of
Their love dance sang me into existence
That night didn’t walk in softly
And neither did I
I came with all the fire & wild passion of a hurricane
Like a shy tornado I came
I heard Music in the rustling of newspapers in the streets
And a symphony in the sound of dripping water
Every squeaky door & leaky faucet had its song to sing
I even heard music in the dice games on the corner
I ran wild & free
Like the Doo Wops & Mambos, Kaiso, Calypso
Boleros, & Gospel, Bombas, Sambas, Blues & Jazz
Sweet uncontrollable melodies that were everywhere
Melodies that drowned the filth of city streets
But always left a place for me
In the silence between their notes,
& every time I thought I’d lose it, ’cause
The racket was more than I could stand
Spirit said ….. Listen!
Listen for the rhythm
It’s there
All around you
There’s music everywhere
Find the rhythm
Listen to the rhythm
And when you become that rhythm
You’ll find that noise is only a lonely sound
…….…….Waiting for someone
Someone who does more than just hear with their ears
Spirit said…….
Noise ain’t nothing but a lonely sound
…….…….…….impatiently waiting
…….…….…….…….looking for a friend
& I knew that I could be that friend
That wild & crazy friend
Who’s not afraid to grab the stage & let the people know
Noise ain’t nothing but a lonely sound
…….waiting for a song to sing
…….…….…….Impatiently waiting
Searching for that somebody
Somebody who’d listen long enough to make her want to sing
Someone like me
Someone like you
Someone that knew
That noise ain’t nothing but a sad & lonely sound
Just another naked note
…….looking for some clothes

                                          Copyright © Avotcja


…….…….(When Ramon Dances)
…….(inspired by & dedicated to my dear friend &
Poet Ramon Piñero & all Brothers who love to dance)

While all the nappy headed would be Spanish boys
Stand up against the walls in Yanqui sophistication
Ramon comes sliding sideways across the floor
Africa screaming in his feet
Hips moving in time to the pulse of the universe
He spins
And everybody holds their breath
(Some hold other things)
…….Cuando baila Ramon

¡Baila mi Borinqueño negro!
Sweat runs shiny rivers down his face
He drops, turns, jumps, screams
¡Vaya Papi … vaya … vaya!
Women hold their stomachs & sigh
While all the Colored Spanish boys
Intellectualize their nonexistence
And even Oshun smiles
…….Cuando baila Ramon

¡Baila negrito!
The conga drum screams an invitation to Afro-Latino hearts
Ramon hears it & accepts the invitation
Timbales flirt & his feet answer
A one man orgy ….. ¡Aiiiiiii mi morenito!
And the “wanna-be” Spanish boys frown in unison
Wondering why everybody waits in line
Just to beg for one dance
¡Vaya Papi!
Who says blonds have more fun
I, too, wait my turn
And even Oshun smiles
…….Cuando baila Ramon
…….…….…….Copyright © Avotcja

“TRUE CONFESSIONS OF A SOUND JUNKIE” is in my 204 page book of Poetry & Short Stories “WITH EVERY STEP I TAKE” with beautiful Artwork by Eliza Shefler. Please pick one up @ your local Bookstore, or one of the Book Parties or the distributor Small Press Distribution or on And please let the world know it’s finally out. I thank you in advance for reading my words & your support.
“CUANDo BailA RAMON” (first printed in “Umbra #5/Latin Soul” San
…….Francisco, CA 1974)
…….(also appeared in “Time To Greez” Glide Publications/Third World
Communications San Francisco, CA 1975)
…….(featured in the theater piece “The Man From San Juan” at Minna
Street Cafe San Francisco, CA 1995)
…….(recorded on Acknowledgement by Bobby Matos & his Afro-Latin
Jazz Ensemble Life Force Jazz Records 2005)
…….(recorded on Charanga Changó by Bobby Matos & his Afro-Latin
Jazz Ensemble



We were born to Drum
Somos Hijas ritmicas
We were conceived in Rhythm
Whether we knew it or not or wanted it or not
It was & has always been
About upholding La Clave en el alma
The beauty & sanctity of the Rhythm that created us
The Rhythm that is us
Somos el latído de la naturaleza
The Rhythm
Of our Mother’s labor pains announced our coming
And it’s always the Rhythm of our breathing
That lets the world know we’re alive
Bellas fuerzas místicas pero picosas
Feel it!
We walk & sing, pray, dance & cry in it
Every single word that flows out of our mouths
Is a rhythmic declaration of our presence
Somos la esencia de La Bomba
And even our sacred Mother Nature
Dances rhythmically through the Seasons
Every single year
Keeping the Rhythm of our lives in balance
Our universe is an inescapable symphony
Ritmos sagrados
Held together by vibration
By the sound of the sum of us
The always right on time
Magical, rhythmical timelessness of us
Somos la fiebre apasionada de la Rumba
The heart of Bebop & Cubop
Was born in us
Is Creation’s gift to us
Somos el corazón del Tambor
Born in the womb of creativity
An undeniable Rhythm personified
Wake up world!
We are your Children
And we were born to Drum!!!
Copyright © Avotcja