Avotcja & Modúpue


“A powerful, poetic, musical tour de force from a talented woman who knows what needs to be said and has the courage and chutzpah to say it loud and proud! Avotcja and Modupue will move you to tears, contemplation and action. Must be heard to be believed!”
• Melanie Berzon-Mgr: KCSM-FM (The Jazz Station)


“When I hear the music of Avotcja and Modupue. Healing and Water come to mind. Their diverse instrumentation takes you to a place of well being, just like light beams that wrap around your soul!”
• Julian Carroll-Jazz Poet


“An outright tour de force. Poet, musician, and D.J., Avotcja is on intimate terms with the blues, grounded in their power, unafraid to speak the pain, the pride, the truth. She calls out the names of Oakland blues musicians like she’s invoking the saints. Her words can make you laugh, cry, pray, get up and dance or vow to make your life a better thing. Avotcja and this extraordinary group of musicians that includes Jon Jang on piano and Frances Wong on saxophones and flute, have created a new international music that is indeed beyond category. Gratitude, Live @ Yoshi’s is a multi-dimensional listening experience to be enjoyed again and again.”
• ElaineCohen Poet & Author Of Biography of Red Calendar


“In one word… FANTASTIC!”
• Lady Bianca-Award winning Oakland Blues Diva


“Her “Oaktown Blue” ranks with the works written by the best Blues writers, Bessie Smith, Langston Hughs & Sterling Brown included. Jon Jang has some fabulous “chops”! He can play in styles, Chinese as well as Blacks’, without ever being a tourist. His “You’ll Never Walk Alone” would please Roy Hamilton.”
• Ishmael Reed-legendary award winning Author
(excerpt from liner notes of Avotcja & Modupue “Live @ Yoshi’s”)

“Infused with her generous spirit & talented tongue, Avotcja’s Poetry & Music will carry you over. Catch a ride, as her wide wings swoop & sail. She wails!”
• Leslie Simon Director Women’s Studies & Project Survive City College of San Francisco

“This music mirrors the cultural crossroads of the Caribbean, a region that has absorbed the cultures of the people that have passed through there into a sensual multifaceted polyrhythmic stew. Avotcja’s poetic sensibility brings out the creative powers in these extraordinary musicians and pushes
them in new and exciting directions, led on by the words images and not
tethered to the confines of a traditional “song” format.”
• Gregorio “Greg” Landau-four time Grammy nominated Musician/ Producer (excerpt from liner notes • of Avotcja & Modupue “Live @ Yoshi’s”)

AVOTCJA’s poetry is music and Avotcja’s music is poetry. Both are as hot as fire and as soothing as snow flakes. And in both she brings the best of her talent in Spanish and English. Listen to her. Read her. Enjoy her. Celebrate her.
• Camincha-Peruvian Poet/Novelist

Avotcja (ah-va-cha) is a renowned poet, radio host and musician who has worked with Rashaan Roland Kirk, Horace Tapscott and many others. Her ode Talkin” About La Música/El Guataque de Coto is a delightful Afro-Cuban romp featuring pianist Coto Pinchiera, a Chilean (now living in the San Francisco Bay) who studied for many years in Cuba with Chucho Valdés and others. Live At Yoshi’s is testament to the art of Avotcja truly a magical personality.
• Jesse Chuy Varela-LatinBeat Mag

“Rapid fire words of truth woven skillfully through a musical tapestry of sometimes “Gut Bucket Blues”, sometimes Jazz at the edge. All the player on this recording are’ in the pocket”, and in sync with each other. No Loops, no Tools, no Auto Tuning — just pure unadulterated, in your face, Music and Words to grow by!”
• Linda Tillery
Founder & Director of the Award winning Cultural Heritage Choir
(excerpt from liner notes of Avotcja & Modupue “Live @ Yoshi’s”)